Racing to the Future Design Sheet Examples

Below are examples of a "Good", "Better" and "Best" Design Sheet.  The examples are from past entries.  To get the best score possible, make sure you include information about your car (entry).  If you made changes to your car to increase performance, make sure to include what those changes are and how the performance was improved.  If you have a list of tasks that you do to maintenance your car, include that in your descriptions of the improvements you made.  Please include what kind of car you are competing with (Brand and Chassis), along with what kind of car it is modeled after. 

Make sure to include the following information on your Design Sheets:

Student's Name
School's Name
Teacher's Name

A "Good" example was usually scored at 10 points or less.  A "Better" example scored between 10 and 15 points.  The "Best" examples scored 20 to 25 points.