2017 Racing to the Future KY STLP Rubrics


Live Competition at State Championship

Individual Event (up to 4 Students per school)

Students work with components of science, technology, engineering art and mathematics (STEAM) in building an understanding the world of racing competition. 

A student will buy, design, build and race a slot car.

Students will build a slot car, starting with a kit, a ready to run car or scratch-built design, improving the performance and documenting what they did to improve the car’s performance )Design Paper).  They should show the relationship of those improvements using the STEAM components.

The student will develop a “Design Paper” on the design and process of getting the car ready for the event. (Add detail Here)

First and second place for each age group (Elementary, Middle and High School) will be recognized for the Racing Competition and the Design Competition at the State Championship Awards.

 What the STLP Coordinador/Coach/Teacher does:

  • Determine which students should apply for this category

  • Register the student online by, entering the information required

  • Submit the Student’s Design Paper 2 weeks prior to the State Championship Event

  • Email Design Sheets to racingtothefuture@hotmail.com

What the student does:
  • Review the rubric

  • Buy materials and start designing and building

  • Write document on modifications/changes to slot car (Design Paper)


The Design Paper explains the process and engineering, math and science used to create and design the slot car to meet the rules and what improved the car’s performance.

The Design Paper will also be used in Design/Concours Competition as one part of the judging rubric. Students must supply a written explanation of the modifications done to their car, along with the reasons why these changes make the car go faster.  This would include any part replacements, maintenance or enhancements made to the car. Students may reference the examples posted on Racing to the Future™ website for ideas for their report.

The Design Paper will be judged prior to the state championship event and will count for, up to 25 points toward their Design Competition score. This is required before the student is allowed to enter the event (see Rubric: Racing to the Future™).

Click the link below to view Design Sheet examples:


Have teacher email written document to racingtothefuture@hotmail.com for partial judging in the Design Competition.

If a student does not have their Design Paper emailed in time for judging, they may bring the completed Design Paper to the State event, but will not be eligible for the 0-25 points for that portion of the Design/Concours Competition.  The Design Paper is REQUIRED FOR ENTRY.