The Issue

I came across an issue. An issue that's undeniably important...

The issue of homelessness was made strikingly obvious to me through a research project I just conducted which involved my interviewing the clients of the social service agencies in the Fairview neighborhood of Anchorage, Alaska. I surveyed 179 clients total within a five month period. I conducted the interviews in three waves (about 60 interviews each time) -one wave in July, one in September, and one in November 2012. The majority of the survey respondents (91%) were homeless.

The five social service agencies in Fairview I conducted interviews at include: Brother Francis Shelter, an overnight shelter for the homeless; Bean's Cafe, which provides meals and a warm place to sit during the day; Anchorage Safety Center, which collects dangerously inebriated people from the streets of Anchorage and keeps them indoors until they are sober enough to be safely released; Alaska Mental Health Consumer Web, a sober location for individuals with mental health issues to hang out at during the day; and Anchorage Community Mental Health Services: Stolt Location, which offers mental health services, counseling, showers, and self-serve clothing washing.

The survey included questions about gender, age, ethnicity, whether they are currently homeless or not, what organizations they receive services from and how often, and a subjective section to describe a typical day in their life.

This website contains findings from my investigations.