UK & North America

Projects in the UK and North America include Waste Strategy, Training, Contract Procurement, Research and Strategy Advice:

Client:    LTS International Ltd
Project:  Climate Private Public Partnership (CP3) Technology Transfer Evaluation
Role:      Team Leader

 Team leader for a case study evaluation of a technology which focuses on an innovative US developed waste to fertilizer technology. Technically responsible for analysis relating to 1) environmental, waste management and development benefits and disbenefits of the project and an assessment of how the project will contribute to the CP3 objectives of climate change mitigation and climate change resilience. Included Technology Transfer analysis for a developing country context. Responsible for overall oversight and delivery of the case study analysis and coordination of the team members, to meet stakeholder expectations.

Client:    World Wildlife Fund  (WWF UK)
Project:  WATERLIFE Project Final Evaluation 
Role:      Project Director
The project is funded under the EU LIFE programme, EU's funding instrument for the environment and climate action. It aims to improve implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive over 3 years. Development and implementation of an evaluation methodology for the key Focus Areas of the project including: Water Abstraction, Catchment based management and water stewardship. The project includes: (1) stakeholder interviews, development of an interactive workshop and a wider evaluation survey; (2) analysis of project sustainability and key impacts on the river basin catchments. 

Client:    Westminster Waste Ltd. for Integrated Skills Ltd
Project:  Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 and Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 19001 Development
Role:      Environmental Adviser 2017-2018 (on-going)

Development of QMS and EMS which work effectively together, and build on the existing company EMS needed for environmental permit compliance, in order to meet ISO standards for both systems.  Working with the core management team the needs of the business were understood and appropriate systems and supporting documents were developed with a view to limiting where possible, the paperwork and hence staff time, needed to implement the systems.

Client:    Southwark Metals Ltd. for Integrated Skills Ltd
Project:  Environmental Management System (EMS)
Role:      Environmental Adviser

Development of a robust and practical EMS to meet Southwark Metal's requirements as a well established scrap metal dealer.  Included development of documentation in collaboration with the management team, EMS implementation training and working with management to ensure the EMS is sustainable and meets their client's requirements. 

Client:    Ministry of Defence, for Integrated Skills Ltd
Project:  British Forces South Atlantic Islands Waste Strategy
Role:      Waste Management Specialist 2013-14
Review of waste management practices on Falkland Islands and Ascension Islands including waste collection, transfer and disposal. Development of audit process to enable thorough understanding of existing practices. Gap analysis to identify gaps between current practice and UK / European standards. Technology profiles for potentially applicable waste management options for sustainable waste management. Institutional development for waste management including outline structures and role specification.

Client:     RIPA International - Capita PLC
Project:   Energy Management, Environment and Sustainable Development
Role:       Training Course Director. 2013
Development and delivery of a 5 day training course which included identifying drivers for changes to global and national energy markets including energy security and resilience, barriers to access to energy particularly in non-OECD countries, renewable energy sources, and key instruments affecting energy suppliers' environmental management including national and international legislation, IFC requirements, Equator Principles and the Global Reporting Initiative.  

Client:     Tools for Self Reliance
Project:   Carbon Accounting and Organisational Strategy, UK
Role:       External Support. 2010 and 2011
Data collection and analysis regarding the impact of the international NGO Tools for Self Reliance’s activities on carbon generation, and a report providing practical steps to achieve a realistic reduction.
Using development expertise, working with the deputy CEO to draft a 2011-2015 Organisational Strategy including Vision, Mission and Goals that reflect the organisation's direction.

Client:     RIPA International - Capita PLC
Project:   Various Training Courses, UK
Role:       Training Leader. 2008-2011
Development and delivery of a range of training courses for participants on major donor development projects. Training included:
- Community Participation in Improving Public Sector Services
- Monitoring & Evaluation
- Environmental Impact Assessment in Development Projects
- Social Impact Assessment in Development Projects

Client:     British Columbia Lotteries Commission / Promise Consulting Inc
Project:   Waste Audit and Assessment, Canada
Role:       Waste Strategy Consultant. 2010-2011
Review of the current waste management practices, input into on site waste audit, international research including on best practice for office waste management. Recommended action plan for improvements to waste and environmental practices.

Client:     Oxfordshire County Council
Project:   Waste Contract Procurement, UK
Role:       Procurement Leader. 2008-2010
Development of procurement and contract documentation using Open and Closed OJEU processes, enabling the Council to procure the following contracts: 
- Management and operation of household waste recycling centres
- Closed landfill monitoring and aftercare
- Household waste disposal (interim contract)
Role included: Preparing Contract Specification & Schedules, Identification of evaluation criteria,  tender clarifications responses,  Development and implementation of evaluation process, Bid evaluation including moderation and bidders day interviews, Final reporting.

Client:     Ecowaste Industries / Promise Consulting Inc
Project:   Wood Waste Management Options, Canada & UK
Role:       Waste Strategy Consultant. 2010
Review of the current and potential future market use of wood waste within the Vancouver and Lower Mainland market with a particular emphasis on wood waste sourced from construction and demolition activities. Modelling potential waste arisings and potential recycling or thermal treatment in the British Columbia area.

Client:     Town of Gibsons BC / Promise Consulting Inc
Project:   Procurement Advice, Canada
Role:       Waste Procurement Consultant. 2010
Advice on the procurement of several waste management services including the development of contract documentation and infrastructure recommendations.

Client:     Metro Vancouver / Promise Consulting Inc
Project:   Wood Waste Management Capacity Study
Role:       Waste Strategy Consultant. 2009
Research report in collaboration with Promise Consulting Inc. & Golders Associates Canada. This resulted in a targeted wood waste management strategy for the client including recycling and composting technology evaluations and recommendations on social enterprises for wood waste recycling.

Client:     Hanjer Biotech Energies PVT Ltd
Project:   Waste Market Assessment in Greater London, UK
Role:       Waste Management Consultant. 2010
Market assessment of solid waste in Greater London to identify the potential for introducing a new waste processing technology to the UK market. Assessment of waste flows and contracts in London and facilitation of meetings between Hanjer and potential suppliers. 

Client:     Frith Resource Management
Project:   Waste Strategy Review, UK
Role:       Waste Strategy Consultant. 2009
Review of Waste Management Options Appraisal and SEA which will inform an update of a UK Local Authority’s Waste Strategy.

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