Rachel Wildblood - Environmental & Waste Management Consultant

Rachel is an independent consultant specialising in the related areas of Environmental and Waste Management. 
Rachel has over 16 years' wide-ranging experience gained from the UK and international development projects and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management. Rachel is also an experienced project manager and team member.

Environmental Management

Rachel's experience in Environmental Management is gained through working with a range of industrial clients whilst working for the Environment Agency and also for environmental consultancies. Projects have included environmental compliance audits and impact assessments which help clients to reduce operating costs, combined with improved environmental performance through regulatory compliance. Environmental management consultancy services include:

 - Environmental assessment for infrastructure projects including international projects
 - Support and development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and ISO 14001
 - Environmental auditing and compliance
 - Strategic Environmental Assessment, particularly for waste strategies


Waste Management

Sound Waste Management means reducing environmental impacts through adopting sustainable management practices. Rachel offers experience in developing and implementing projects which offer practical waste management solutions, considering resource use reduction and lowering negative environmental effects as well as increasing positive benefits through good management. Waste consultancy services include:

 - Waste strategy development, including waste prevention
 - Waste management technology assessments
 - Waste management research projects and overseas development projects

Countries of Work Experience
Rachel also operates through her limited company, GreenBlue Consulting Ltd.