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Underwater garden

Ocean's Roar

Deep within this magic pool
Lies a world that's worth the view
Step into this wat'ry door
Hear the ocean's distant roar!

Imagine a library shared with an octopus, friendly dolphins and an occasional mermaid or merman?  No scuba gear is required.  You merely drop in and move about... Fins are optional.  Now and then a sea turtle floats by as you poke around looking at resources on oceans, sea creatures and underwater fantasies for children.

Set up and primarily decorated by Sonja Morgwain with library resources added by Janette Courier, Ocean's Roar is a delightful place filled with color, textures and movable objects.

If you'd like to visit the underwater garden, Ocean's Roar, click here.  You must be a registered member of Second Life to participate.