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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden


The southern third of Rachelville is taken up by The Secret Garden.  The Garden was created by Julia Hathor in February 2007 and dedicated to the book with the same name authored by Frances Hodgson Burnett.   The book was one of Rachel's favorites.

The Garden is a visual treat with moving animals, natural sounds and a swing with a bit of sly whimsy to it.   A wolf howls nearby the pond at the center of the Garden and you can hear yourself splashing through the pond surrounding the Gazebo.  Sit poses abound offering places to rest and chat with friends or just sit and think by yourself.  Above the garden an eagle soars symbolic of an imaginative spirit set free.

The Garden contains four separate "rooms" offering different presentations, one a hedge maze and another a semi hidden garden resting place.

Scattered throughout the Garden are posters  with illustrations from an old Aesop's Fables book containing links to the stories depicted in the artwork.

So come to the garden!  Explore, swing, splash and see what Aesop had to say about a lion afraid of a bullfrog's croak. 

  You may visit The Secret Garden in Second Life by clicking here.  Remember, you must be a registered member of Second Life to go inworld.