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Harvest of Hope

Children's Services Resources
The Harvest of Hope project is being held in November, 2009, on different sims throughout the Alliance Virtual Library in Second Life.  The links below are available through the display on Rachelville Plaza, Imagination Island.
General Resources About Children

United Nations System Pathfinder: Children
Homelessness, Poverty and Children (United Nations)
Street Children in Mongolia
Poverty in America
Abuse and Molestation of Children
Emotional Child Abuse (Ohio, USA)
Help for Children
The Children's Plan (United Kingdom)
Parenting and Child Health (Australia)
Child Rights Information Network
Children First
If Your Child is Bullied  (Arizona, US)
War Child International
Building Self-Confidence in Children
Children and Self-Esteem (Canada)
Motivate Your Child to Learn (India)
Confidence -- Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence (US)
 Winnng Ways to Talk With Young Children
Organizations, International Agencies
Children's Defense Fund
Save the Children
SOS Children's Villages International