Rachel Margolis 

Associate Professor
Social Science Center #5326
University of Western Ontario 
London, Ontario N6A 5C2 Canada

Email: rachel <dot> margolis <at> uwo.ca
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The Vanier Institute of the Family published a report I wrote about the Health of Canadian grandparents. Read it here, or read the story about it by Radio Canada International here

Census 2016 finds that one person households are the most common household type in Canada for the first time.  Read my comments and learn more about this in the London Free Press here and on CBC London on August 3rd. 

Our research project "Family Dynamics Surrounding Parental Leave in Canada: New Insights from Administrative Data" was just funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant 2017-19 (with Mike Haan and Feng Hou) (June 2017).

Our article, Older Adults without Close Kin in the United States (Margolis & Verdery) is now available online in JGSS. Click here for the link - it's open access!

We are hiring a postdoc for 2 years to work on our project Care, Retirement and Well-being of Older People Across Welfare Regimes, and this person will be based at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona on Bruno Arpino's team. To see more info about this position, click here and here (May 2017).

Ashton Verdery and I won a poster award at PAA 2017 for our project "Aging Alone? Older Adults without Close Kin in the United States" (April 2017). Some of the results highlighted here are going to be published soon in a brief report in JGSS. 

My grant "Aging Alone? Older Adults without Close Kin" was just funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant 2017-2021 (April 2017). 

Penn State wrote up a research brief about my paper with JD Daw and Laura Wright, forthcoming in the June issue of Journal of Health and Social Behavior, "Emerging Adulthood, Emergent Health Lifestyles: Socio-demographic Determinants of Trajectories of Smoking, Binge Drinking, Obesity, and Sedentary Behavior". Read it here! (April 2017) 

My team's new project, Care, Retirement and Well-being of Older People Across Welfare Regimes, was recently funded by the Joint Programming Initiative "More Years, Better Lives". My Canadian portion is funded by SSHRC and CIHR.  Here is an announcement about the project and here is our website.

My research with Natalie Iciaszczyk about the Changing Health of Grandparents has been highlighted on a website, The Grandparent Effect. See the story here. (August 2016)

My research with JD Daw and Ashton Verdery on the availability on kin in the US is now available on the Population and Development Review website. Available here. (August 2016). See a story written about our article here

My new research on the Changing Demography of Grandparenthood is now available online in the Journal of Marriage and Family. Available here. (May 2016)

My student, Laura Wright, accepted a job as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan.  Congratulations Laura! (March 2016)

Many older adults in the U.S. now have three generations of kin available - aging parents, children, and grandchildren.  The majority of these older adults are transferring resources to older AND younger kin.  See my new research with Laura Wright, now available online in the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences.  Available here