Hi! This is the site of my C-Flog (Complete Fiction Blog). That means that I'm just gonna post whatever I feel like, it might be a completely made-up story, or a funny thing I found, or whatever I choose. I'll be posting whenever possible.
Feel free to write me an email at crazy.running.horse@gmail.com with ideas, comments, or whatnot.
P.S. The page I will be regularly updating is here. Go check it out!

Some pictures I edited using Picnik.com

My sisters and me. From left to right: Liora, Aimee, Eliana, Rachelle (Me). Taken in 2002.

My little sister, Eliana. I believe this was taken in 2003, she was three years old then.

I found a picture of my Uncle Teddy and Aunt Sherri and edited it. I'm not quite sure when it's from, though.