Rachel Hodos                                             

Hi! I am a PhD candidate in Computational Biology at NYU, graduating in May 2018. I am co-advised by David Sontag at MIT and Joel Dudley at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

My research interests include bioinformatic approaches to better understand and repurpose pharmaceutical drugs; dimensionality reduction and tensor modeling of genomic data;  and molecular systems biology approaches to study disease, and in particular cystic fibrosis.

Prior to my graduate studies, I earned a Bachelors in Mathematics from the University of Houston with a minor in Dance.  I also worked for two years as a software engineer for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working on projects in Earth science data analysis.

My interest in cystic fibrosis, and computational biology in general, is in memory of my older brother, Stephen, who battled with cystic fibrosis until May 2015.

I am currently quite open-minded about next steps (aiming to start in September 2018). If you have any interesting ideas for me, shoot me an email!