Rachel Goodman
I am an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Before joining the Nebraska department, I was a Research Fellow in the Philosophy of Mind, at the University of Leeds (2013-2017), working on Professor Robert Williams' Nature of Representation project.

I completed my Ph.D in the philosophy department, at the University of Chicago, in 2013.

My interests are in the philosophy of mind and language.

Since completing my dissertation, my research has focused on the topic of singular, or de re thought. Despite a surge of recent interest in this topic, the literature has failed to settle on a well-defined notion of interest. My view is that there is a notion of theoretical interest to be recovered from the literature, but that this requires disambiguating the distinction between singular and general thought from several distinctions with which it has been conflated (for example, the notion of a mental file).

Contact Information:

Email:       goodmanrachelt@gmail.com

Address:   1036 Oldfather Hall
                  PO Box 880321
                  Lincoln, NE 68588-0321