Rachel Freed - Educational Consultant


Science Organizing Committee - RTSRE Conference, Hilo, HI, July 2018

RTSRE Conference Thursday workshop facilitator. June 2017.

Math and Science Teacher Initiative - Program Coordinator
Feb 2016 - present.

I work with the Global Telescope Network (GTN) and with students using the GORT telescope in Sonoma County. Sept 2016 - January 2018.

Designing a Professional Development Program for Science Teachers.
MADE: Science (Modeling, Analysis, Design and Engineering). 
Feb 2016 - present.

Designing a Tinkering program for Amateur Astronomers to develop materials for Intel's Edison Board. Feb 2016 - Dec 2016.

Skynet Junior Scholars Program online workshop moderator and curriculum developer. Sept 2015 - Dec 2016.

A little about me: 
I am currently the assistant instructor for the Institute for Student Astronomical Research and I work for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
I have been teaching chemistry and astronomy since 2000, and worked in chemistry education research from 2009-2012.

I am a co-founder of InStAR (The Institute for Student Astronomical Research) which is the umbrella organization for distance education (DE) astronomy research courses for college and high school students. The online course, for which I was the assistant instructor in 2015, currently runs through Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo. I developed and maintained the Website and facilitated communications between student teams around the country. Additionally, I organize and chair workshops bringing together professional and amateur astronomers, educators, engineers and investors, in an effort to increase student opportunities in scientific research.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Presenter. I present workshops at GAFE Summits about 3 times a year. These workshops are centered on integrating Google Apps for Education and other technology tools into the classroom to allow for increased student engagement and student-centered practices. 

Astronomy Outreach Specialist - As a current member of 4 astronomical associations and clubs, I participate in many star parties, sharing the night sky with the public and giving talks about astronomy and cosmology, and spectroscopy.

July 2013: I participated in the MERIT program at the KCI at Foothill College. This has transformed me and the way I teach and think about education. Blog post for KCI.

From October 2010-July 2012 I did research on chemistry education at Sonoma State University in the school of education. As the Project Manager for the chemistry FACETS project I helped to design and build the Diagnoser.com system for chemistry, co-lead the professional development for our pilot teachers, and spent time in the field assisting with implementation and evaluation.

I am a strong proponent of incorporating technology in the classroom as a means of enhancing pedagogical practices and better preparing our students for their future while engaging them in their present world. Additionally, I believe that education requires a complete pedagogical overhaul that is long overdue. Why would I lecture students when they can find everything I'm going to "teach them" in a quick Google search? Why would I lecture at them, when they can collaboratively work to gain a deeper understanding of a concept through investigation and exploration. I guide students as they use the tools they carry with them to understand the world around them. 

July 7-9, 2015 Lick Observatory Teacher Institute
I spent 3 days and two nights with 9 other astronomy and science teachers learning about how to bring NASA's data into the classroom for analysis by students. 

August 2013 I participated in a pilot program at Lick Observatory through the UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory to bring WISE Mission data into the classroom.