My Objective:  To promote deep understanding of chemical, physical, and engineering concepts so that they can be applied to solve problems in clean and sustainable energy.

One of the most important areas of research today, and into the foreseeable future, is energy.  Developing new fuel sources, energy conversion devices, and emissions control technologies are primary challenges in science and engineering research.  Catalysts, materials that accelerate chemical reactions by providing lower energy paths from reactants to products without being consumed themselves, are at the heart of all of these methodologies, and they will assume even more important roles as demands for clean and sustainable energy increase.  This site documents past, current, and future research on catalysis for energy research. 

My research is all done using molecular simulation.  Molecular simulation can be used to examine a wide variety of chemical and physical phenomena in a wide variety of systems.  For example, it can be used to estimate properties in porous and non-porous solids, condensed fluids, isolated molecules, and multi-phase systems.  It is not limited to problems in energy and can enhance experimental research in all fields.  Additionally, simulations become more powerful with time due to improvements in computers.  They will thus continue to be an indispensable part of current and future research needs.

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Rachel B. Getman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Northwestern University

office: 221 Catalysis Center, Evanston Campus, Evanston, IL
e-mail: rgetman@alumni.nd.edu

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Rachel Getman,
Aug 31, 2010, 1:36 PM