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About Us
We are the Clifton sisters, Rachel and Susanna.  We both teach at Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy in Lima, Peru.  Fetzer is a school for missionary children.  We give their children a good, Christian education so that the missionary parents are able to plant churches, run orphanages, teach in seminaries, build communities, or whatever other mission they are involved in.  We have over 40 students, from the US, Peru, Canada, South Korea, and Germany.  It has been a great place to minister.  We are also involved in a local church, ministering where we are able, and learning to love the Peruvian people more. 

Support Needed!
Fetzer Christian Academy is associated with Baptist Mid Missions, so we have joined them short-term to teach at the school. They recommend we raise $750 each a month - that's $1,500 a month for the both of us. We have around $1,250 a month. We thank the Lord for His provisions for us and trust him to supply the rest.

Donations can be sent to our sending church. Make checks payable to: Peachtree Baptist Church and earmarked for Rachel and Susanna Clifton.

Sending Church  
Peachtree Baptist Church
3867 Hwy 85
Senoia, GA 30276

Fetzer Memorial Christian Academy

Susanna and the class she teaches at the church's mission. 

Some of our fellow teachers, Heidi and Amy.

                    Rachel and her First Grade Class.

Mission Agency                                      Field Address  
Baptist Mid Missions                          Fetzer Christian Academy 
P.O. Box 308011                                   Casilla 138, La Molina 
Cleveland, OH 44130-8011                Lima 12, Peru SA