Course Description:

World History is a course that brings together the study of past events from the beginnings of man to modern history and learning how these events have shaped our world.  The main focus of the course is not to "learn everything that happened," World History approaches History as a drama full of triumphs and tragedies from which we will learn about through student activities, group work, readings, discussion, role-play, and class lectures.  You will learn the about the history of our world, and develop the capacity to relate the past to the present. 


Goals for the Course:

“We [as Americans] need to become more involved in the world.  We need to learn about other people, learn what they think of us, try to understand, even if we don’t agree with their points of view.”  (Paula Huntley, The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo)


  • Students will understand history and the process of change over time. 
  • Students will gain an appreciation of other cultures in the world.
  • Students will make connections and relate the past to the present. 
  • Students will improve their ability to place current events within a historical context.
  • Students will become aware of the complexity of national & international events.

Topics Covered:

During this course, we will study: Pre-History, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, Age of Absolutism/Enlightenment, French Revolution/Napoleon, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and The Great War. 

Contact Information:

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