"Things are not always what they seem" 

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Sociology Syllabus

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What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human society.  Sociology has the power to help people understand the world they live in.  It helps us to understand why people act the way they do.  Sociology forces us to look at the world around us and question why it operates the way it does.  Our social world, (family, friends, media, government, religion, etc.) guides our actions and life choices.

You will begin to think sociologically by realizing how the society you live in shapes your life experiences. 


What topics does this course cover? 

There are 5 units in this course.  The Sociological Perspective, Family, Groups and Interaction, Culture, and Deviance.  During this course we will consider many questions including: social norms, racisim, birth order, terrorism, divorce, gender equality, family structures, crime and deviance, death and dying, group conformity and many more.  


Why should I take Sociology?

For some people, the world around them isn’t just a bunch of rules and norms.  For those of us out there who are curious “people watchers” who always want to answer the question “why” someone did what they did, Sociology is for you.  Sociology will help you to understand the world around you.  Whatever career path you choose, Sociology will help give answers to life’s unanswered questions and issues.  Having a background in sociology an excellent springboard for entering the world of business, industry, and other organizations.  The sociological perspective is crucial for working in today’s world. 


 "The fascination of sociology lies in the fact that its perspective makes us see in a new light the very world in which we have lived all of our lives"  


"People who like to avoid shocking discoveries, who prefer to believe that society is just what they were taught in Sunday School, who like the safety of the rules and norms of society, should stay away from sociology."