What is Cultural Studies?

Cultural Studies is a course that brings together the study of geography with the study of cultures.  The main focus of the course is to look at how one’s geography affects the distribution of culture.  We will look at what makes a culture, discussing politics, religion, and history.  Students will learn the about the history of our world, and be encouraged to use current events to show the connections among the different regions studied.  


What will we study?


First, we will learn the "5 Themes of Geography" that way we can travel around the world!  The different regions we will study in this course are: North and South America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. 


Why is this course important?


“We [as Americans] need to become more involved in the world.  We need to learn about other people, learn what they think of us, try to understand, even if we don’t agree with their points of view. " (Paula Huntley, The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo).


The goals in this class are:

  • Students will gain an appreciation of other cultures in the world.
  • Students will break stereotypes and learn that all cultures have something to contribute to the world.
  • Students will understand how geography affects the characteristics of a culture.