Rachael Louise Provides:


                                  Acrylic Nail Extensions                                               £25                                    

                         Soak Off Extensions And A New Full Set                                £30                                

                         Acrylic Overlay (over your natural nails)                                £16                               

                          Soak Off And New Acrylic Overlay                                        £22                               

                                        Infills/Rebalance                                                £15                               

                                Soak Off And Mini Manicure                                         £15                                

                                        Repairs / Breaks                                                 £3
                                        Gellux Manicure                                                 £15
    Gellux Gel Polish is a high gloss, fast drying, hard wearing alternative to nail polish that is chip resistant and lasts upto 15 days.  It can be used on hands and feet and its hard wearing nature makes it ideal for holidays, weddings and everyday wear.
Gellux dries under a lamp which means that there's no waiting around for your nails to dry and no risk of accidental smudging.

                                        Shape and polish                                                £6 

                                       Manicure *Standard*                                           £12                  

                                        Manicure *Luxury*                                             £18                  

                                       Pedicure *Standard*                                           £14                  

                                        Pedicure *Luxury*                                             £20                       

                                    All prices include a french polish or colour of your choice.
           All prices shown are for treatments carried out at my treatment room in Cwm Calon.  There     
                                will be an extra charge for mobile appointments.  Please call me for details

Please ensure you have appropriate amounts of time to allow myself to 
perform the treatment to a high standard, I do not rush 
treatments as I like my clients to leave satisfied with the treatment they have had and the quality of the extensions, so please ensure you have 
the time to allow myself to perform the treatment properly and efficiently

Acrylic Nail Extensions
Acrylic Nail Extensions extend the natural nail to give you the look of gorgeous, manicured nails all the time with very low maintenance.  With looks to suit everyone, they're perfect for everyday wear or just for a night out.  
These extensions are a plastic tip, glued to the nail and filed down to blend with the natural nail which creates an extension, these are then covered with a layer of acrylic to create a perfect shape and help to strengthen the nail.  The extensions will last for about 2 weeks (length of time varies depending on how quickly your nails grow) and will need to be maintained after this time due to nail growth.  I have a variety of tips to choose from, creating a look that's perfect for you.  Your nails can then be left natural, with just a clear polish applied or painted with a polish of your choice.
Soak Off Extensions And A New Full Set Applied
This involves exactly what it says in the title, soaking off previous extensions and applying a new set.  It is recommended that a set of extensions should not be maintained more than 3 times, after this, a new set should be applied.
Acrylic Overlay (Over Your Natural Nails)
If you're happy with the length of your natural nails and would like to avoid having tips applied then this is perfect for you.  Acrylic is applied in the same way but no tip is used.  You may choose to have this to give your nails strength or to make them look even or if you have ridges in some of your nails.
Soak Off And New Acrylic Overlay
This soaks off your acrylic overlay and a new overlay is applied.
Your nails will need to be maintained every 2 weeks (average, depending on how quickly your nails grow). After 2 weeks there will be a gap between the cuticle and the acrylic that will need to be filled in.  This treatment will bring the nails back to what they looked like when you first had the extensions applied.
Soak Off and Mini Manicure
If you'd like to remove the tips, the safest way to do this is for a technician to remove them.  This will include soaking the fingers to remove the tips and then a mini manicure to tidy up and re hydrate the cuticles and buff or polish the natural nails.
Please contact me as soon as possible after a break and i will try my best to get to you and repair/replace it the same day.  If the break occurs in the first week after having your extensions then the repair will be free of charge.
Shape and Polish
This treatment includes your cuticles being pushed back, filing the nails to required length and shape and then a polish of your choice to be applied, or if you prefer, buff to a natural shine.
Standard Manicure
Includes a soak, moisturising hand lotion, cuticle tidy up, file and polish.
Luxury Manicure
This treatment includes all aspects of a standard manicure but is a little more special, just what you need if you're having a stressful day!  An exfoliating hand scrub, applied to your hands and lower arms, a hand mask to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage.  The hands hold alot of stress so you'll be surprised how great you'll feel after this.  Finished with a polish of your choice, or if you prefer buff to a natural shine.
Standard Pedicure
Get your feet ready for the summer!  A standard pedicure includes a relaxing foot soak, replenishing lotion, cuticle tidy up and nail shape and polish.
Luxury Pedicure
This treatment includes all aspects of the standard pedicure but you'll also enjoy an exfoliating foot and lower leg scrub, hydrating foot mask and a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.  Following this you may have your toe nails painted in a polish of your choice, or if you prefer buff to a natural shine.