Document Doctor
Transcription & Formatting Service 

Rachael Brinsdon, Manager

Mosgiel, Dunedin, New Zealand

Phone 03 489 3994


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Our team of skilled copy typists, transcriptionists and formatters will provide you with excellent service in a friendly and professional way.

What do we do?

  1. Transcription - we specialise in research interviews and focus groups
  2. Formatting documents - large documents, invitations, newsletters, flyers, reports, etc
  3. Copy typing
  4. Children's Reward Charts

The Document Doctor Team

Our team consists of seven experienced transcriptionists, formatters and copy typists from a wide variety of backgrounds including education, medicine, law, accounting.


We transcribe from standard audio cassette or digital audio file. Transcripts are set out neatly with a key at the beginning to identify each speaker. Every effort will be made to produce an accurate transcript, which will be typed verbatim unless requested otherwise. 
How long does transcription take?
Transcription usually takes approximately three to four times the length of the recording. Good recording sound quality results in a more accurate transcript, which takes less time to transcribe. However, the length of time required to transcribe depends on many factors, eg:
  • how clear the speech is, accents, etc
  • the speed at which each person speaks
  • the number of speakers involved 
  • background noise
  • technical or special terminology
We use the following indicators to show non-spoken information in transcripts:
___           Unable to hear a word or words (3 underscores)
...              Pause or interruption in speech (mid sentence). 
??word??    Not sure if a word is spelt correctly.
[note]        Text which is not part of the transcript is put in square brackets, eg. notes about sound
                 quality, laughter, long pauses, etc. 
Any major problems in interpreting the recording will be notified to you as soon as they become apparent. Minor problems will be reported on completion.

Transcripts will be emailed back to you one by one as they are completed.

Your preferences and requirements may differ from our standard, so please advise any special instructions before work is commenced.

We can format all documents, for example:
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • invitations
  • questionnaires
  • theses
  • reports
Please provide the electronic file or hard copy, together with clear instructions stating what is required and how the document is to be reproduced once formatted. We will then format and produce the document in printed form or electronically as required.

Copy Typing

We also do copy typing from handwritten or typewritten hard copy.

Please indicate your deadline for work to be carried out. We will advise whether or not we can complete the job on time and discuss an alternative if necessary.

Confidentiality and Document Storage

We understand that confidentiality is extremely important and we respect the rights of those who participate in recorded interviews, etc. Document Doctor's carefully chosen team have a high standard of professionalism and all staff sign a confidentiality agreement before becoming employed by us. This prohibits them from passing on any information they have seen or heard while working for us.

All documents are password protected for security and stored on our main computer for six months (or a longer period if requested).

Limitation of Liability

While every effort will be made to maintain the highest possible level of accuracy, it shall be the client's responsibility to proof read and approve any documents or materials we produce and therefore, we shall not be liable for any typographical or other errors, or omissions in any documents or material we produce.