AR - marathon 07: little rock marathon

posted Mar 7, 2011, 10:31 AM by elysa barron   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 3:11 PM ]


another adventure.  last minute i switched my flight from a southwest flight leaving from denver to a united flight leaving from montrose.  i changed my flight & hotel - forgot to change my car rental.  OOPS.

rented from another company to be returned the following day.

arrived @ the hotel & headed to  sleep around 12am.   slept in til almost 9

exchanged car (horrible brakes - very happy i was changing) and ended up with the same type of car as previous week - chose the red one for parking visibility (after FL race)


at the expo and packet pickup we met  Bart Yasso

image thanks to my friend bjorg (bjoerg - not sure which she prefers)

he was nice and said to contact him through twitter & facebook to get info out about the project.

had dinner (well post dinner snack for me since i am picky i ate before) a group of marathon maniacs 

image thanks to maniac dave mari

image thanks to kino from - you can actually see me :)

please check out his project & cause when you get a chance


big race and a HUGE medal.  some hills - more than flat, less than mountain.

start area - heading towards the gate

still in need of aid station images - the selection was mainly gatorade vs h2o - (vs the previous spreads).  i did get some wonderful spectator suppotors images (the people are wonderful).

from the start i was running 5 min walking 1.  the first few miles took me a while as i kept stopping to adjust my ankle brace (for my peroneus)

got it sorted by mile 4 or sometime before.  i also started with a space blanket (from the finish line of a different race) as it was quite chilier than expected (by me as i forgot to check before packing).

this woman was @ the bottom of one of the bridges (i remember there being a few)

eek - loaded the photo from my camera this morning - i lost her face  :x  

firemen cheering us on - even blasted the truck @ one point i believe



a bit later there were bubbles - * big smile *

i ran with one woman in vibrams (a marathon maniac) for a few minutes - it was nice to have company and she gave me some barefoot running tips.

later i joined 2 men i had been leap frogging with in their 8 run / 2 walk pacing for a few miles.  they were both running their first marathon.  the younger of the two had only done 2 training runs.  i was impressed to see him at the finish line - and they were not far behind me.   the other one is already signed up for the marine corp marathon (along with his wife)

at some point i headed off - maybe between mile 14 and 15?  and went back to my 5 / 1.

by mile 17 i slowed down to 3 min run / 1 min walk and walking down hills.  

@ this point they began having bananas @ the aid stations (yay).  i had been wary of my drinks when i found out the coconut water tasted funny (race morning - too late to do anything).  

mile 20 (maybe?) i had been leap frogging with a marathon maniac & we decided to run together for a while.  he lives in texas and i kept recognizing him by his kinesio tape on his calves.  we talked til almost  the last 2 miles.  a bit before i headed off while he went to walking.  i stopped @ the bathroom & then caught him just before mile 26.  

made it
(thanks to bjorg for taking these - i edited them a bit)

was happy to be finished & heading to get food & a shower.


the plan was for us (my friend & i) to go to the post-race party.  after our showers we decided to get food and be done with the day (she headed home, i packed & headed to sleep after a nice phone call with joe).

leaving - well i was a doofus on this end too.  i was a space cadett while making my plane reservations and realized friday when i headed out that i would have a 5 hour layover.  oops.  i tried stopping @ the desk for the earlier flight.  united charges $50 to get on a standby flight.  so i sat and typed this up :)

funny story:  got on the flight from LIT - DEN (arkansas to colorado).  an announcement came over the loudspeaker.  we would all ne to de-board the plane.  the stairs (as the hallway thing was broken) were too tall for the plane.  once we were all on board the plane lowered enough that the stairs were stuck.  we all deboarded (leaving luggage etc. on the plane), they switched stairs, and we reboarded.  then we were off.    was a nice laugh.

hope all be wonderful