1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

This was the first car I purchased with my own money. I got it for a steal, $2000. It had around 75,000 miles on it and was kept in good condition. I still have this car. I would like to get it running safe again and use it as my main driver. I figure since I don't need an economical daily driver, I might as well have a fun car that I can work on. Jessica would also like to have it running for our wedding.


Short Term plans: I would like to put an LS1 and a 4L60E in it. Give it a little more get up,

and still be pretty efficient.

Long Term plans: I would like a 500-600hp big block plus a big nitrous system

with a Turbo 400 behind it.

Here are a couple pics in its poor dirty condition. I can't wait til I have some spare time to clean it up and get it looking halfway decent again.


Project Log