Background : The idea is born 

For my new years resolution (2009) I decided I would walk the equivalent of Brisbane to Melbourne in one year and track my progress using google maps. This went exceptionally well to begin with and I found myself trying to beat my previous bests every time I went out. You would not believe how easy it is to incorporate a few kilometers into your daily routine. Instead of catching a bus or driving to the shops, give yourself a little extra time and walk it. do it at your own pace. It really does get easier each time you go out. 

Unfortunately I got a little slack with keeping my statistics going through the year. First came the school holidays, then a holiday and then more recently an injury which kept me off the footpaths for a few weeks. I also found it hard to keep the motivation going through the year doing it all by myself. Thus, the idea for a group trek across (and possibly around) Australia was born. Having mentioned it to a number of friends I have found there is an interest in group activities and group motivation even for these solo activities.

In this new endeavor my family will be amongst the participants. Both my partner and 7 year old son have both become interested (with very little persuasion) in battling it out to "virtually" cross this wide land we call home. To be fair, we will all be competing on separate teams.


How do I get involved?

All you need to do is join a team then keep track of walking, running, cycling stats and send them in. We'll collaborate and post to this site. This is a great way to get motivated. Come on what have you got to lose?

When does this start?

Monday November 30, 2009

When will it end?

The first challenge is for teams to travel the width of Australia (approx 4000km)

If this proves successful we move onto the second stage. I understand 4000km sounds like a long way but we are working in teams.
Imagine you are in a team of 4 people, that is 1000km each (some will do more some will do less.) Spread out over a year this is only 20km a week and when you throw into the equation the fact that every team MUST include at least one cyclist... It's not that much.

The second challenge is for teams to travel the distance around Australia (approx 26,000km)

From here, The sky is the limit

What are the rules?
- You can use any mode of travel you like as long as it is human-powered. NO power-assisted bikes, no Segways etc.
- Each team member should help keep other team-mates motivated. It is up to you how you plan on doing this.
- Teams consist of 2-4 members.
- You may begin after the November 30 start date but be aware you will not be granted special consideration. It is up to your team to catch up.
- All distances MUST be posted by Midnight Sunday each week. You can post more frequently if you wish.
- No updates for more than 2 weeks will be counted as a forfeit.*

* Special consideration may be granted if you contact us for such occurrences as injury, holidays or if you have no internet access otherwise your entry will be considered void and a replacement will be found. 

I want to do this but I don't live in Australia

Your physical location plays no part in this competition. It is only a virtual trek. If you do not live in Australia you may still sign up the only condition is you must enter your distances in kilometers.

(1 mile = 1.6km)

What do I win?

The satisfaction of knowing you completed the trek. This is no small feat. Be proud of yourself.