What is RACEA?

RACEA is the Regents Administrative Committee on Effectiveness & Accreditation. This is an administrative committee of the University System of Georgia. It is the successor to the committee formerly known as RACIE (the Regents Administrative Committee on Institutional Effectiveness).

Vision for RACEA

RACEA is expected to be a catalyst for strengthening the University System of Georgia and its member institutions as leaders in key areas of institutional effectiveness and regional accreditation, including quality enhancement, student learning outcomes, comprehensive program review, assessment practices, continuous improvement, accreditation compliance, and public accountability.

Purpose of RACEA

RACEA provides a system-wide network of professional specialists and resources for promoting success in the interrelated areas of institutional effectiveness and regional accreditation through shared information, mutual support, expert assistance, and emulation of best practices and for recommending improvements in related USG policies and procedures that reinforce success in these areas.