SACSCOC Documentation for USG Institutions

During the 2011-12 academic year, the SACSCOC Problem Solver Task Force built on the previous work of Task Force on Current Issues in Accreditation to create a list of Georgia State Laws and USG Manual and Handbook Resources that all USG Institutions may need to use in documenting there response to SACSCOC governance requirements and standards. The list was complied by polling institutions that had completed either a Fifth-Year Interim Report or a Compliance Certification for Reaffirmation within the last two years.
On the succeeding pages, you will find lists of documentation for all the Core Requirements (excepting 2.12 the QEP), Comprehensive Standard 3.1.1, all of the CS 3.2's, CS 3.5.1, CS 3.7.1, and all of the Federal Requirements.
Disclaimer: As with any example and all policy information, the information provided is basic and should not be taken verbatim but instead used as a resource by institutions in researching and documenting responses for their specific compliance reports. The examples provided are current as of February 2010. The documents for the Official Code of Georgia (OCGA) were created from Lexis-Nexis printable views of the individual statutes and, therefore, have time stamps from 2012.  If you prefer a document with a time stamp for the current year, visit Lexi-Nexis for an online version of the Official Code of Georgia.
Web links are continuously moved and updated so the writer/author of an institution’s SACS Certification Compliance Report will want to search for the required citation source, prepare a .PDF of the source, and store that .PDF within its database/collection in order to make the links within its compliance report. Below are links to pages for each individual SACSCOC Standard or Requirement:

SACSCOC Core Requirements
SACSCOC Comprehensive Standards
SACSCOC Federal Requirements
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