Tips for Trips

Clothing and Footware: 
Appropriate clothing for the forcasted weather is recommended.
Must have shoes that you can get wet.  Flip Flops not recommended for river trips. Wear Shoes That Tie!
Hats are a great way to protect your face and head from sunshine.
Sun and Insect protection:
Sun Screen should be applied one hour before exposure to the sun.  If you wait until you get to the river to apply sunscreen, you are one hour too late!  Apply to all exposed areas of the skin including the ears, under the chin, and under your arms to protect from water glare.
Insect repellant is a good idea.  You can bring it on the trip with you. Sun glasses with retention straps are an excellent idea.
Hydration and Snacks:
You should bring along beverages appropriate for the trip.  Water, sport drinks, etc. will help keep you hydrated for the trip.  Our trips average three hours give or take,  Small soft coolers should provide enough space for snacks and cold beveragesAll coolers must fit on your lap in our vehicles. Our transport vechiles will not transport large plastic coolers, picnic coolers over twelve square inches. One cooler per canoe per trip.
Pet Friendly:
We are a pet friendly facility.  Dogs must be on a leash and under your control while in transport.  We reserve the right to refuse transport of any problem pets.
Yes, you can fish from canoes!  You must have a valid Ohio Fishing License.  You have the opportunity to catch the following:  small mouth bass, muskie, northern pike, walleye, steelhead, and crappy.
Weather Issues:
Just because the weather is inclement where you live, it may not be at our location.  National Weather Service provides us with the latest updates on what is happening now and in the future.
We check the weather radar and multiple forcast sites for updates.  We will cease operations if we expect or experience Lightning and Thunder Storms.  Our safety demonstrations and lecture will reflect the conditions of the day to the best of our knowledge.  You can check the weather for our area by logging on to the National Weather Service Enhanced Doplar Radar.  Type in zip code 44041.
Do we neeed to make reservations?
 It is always a good idea to make reservations.  Reservations help us staff properly to assist you better.  Reservations make it possible to have the right equipment for your trip in our transport vehichles and on the trailers at the right time.  Customers with reservations are processed and serviced first, walk in customers may be bumped to another time slot. For reservations phone:  440-466-7414. We can not always answer the phone when we are working with customers but, if you leave your name, number, and a brief message we always return your call.
Why do you provide maps and litter bags?
We provide maps to allow you to know where your trip starts and ends in relation to where we meet.  Landmarks highlighted on the map make good reference points for you to know where you are on the designated river section. Any canoes or kayaks that bypass the takeout will be charged a $25.00 additional fee to cover the extra cost of travel and time for our drivers.  The litter bags help us help you keep our RIVER GRAND.  We will collect the litter bags at the end of the trip to help keep the river and shoreline clean.