Expressions 1


Algebra Expression Menu 1

Brain Pop
Watch both Videos on Distributive Property and Order of Operations
Take graded quizzes and show score for teacher initial.

 Distributive Property: ____ 4 pts 
  Order of Operations:  ____
4 pts
Bloom’s Holiday Orb
Create & solve 4 of each type of problem:
Distributive Property
Order of Operations
Evaluating Expressions


 12-sided Orb   ______6 pts
 Holiday Decor ______2 pts
Circle Sort
Use  Venn Diagram circles to sort like terms into separate circles; then create a new circle with 5 of your own terms (positive & negative terms). Finally, combine terms.
    Circle Sort: ______    4 pts
Artist Corner
Solve one of each of the 3 kinds of problems using words and visuals.
Distributive Property
Order of Operations
Evaluating Expressions

Teacher Initial: _______    3 pts
*Twister Math*
State the definition of the vocabulary word you land on and video your work on the FlipCamera!
Teacher Initial: ______    2 pts
*Circle Problems*
Solve a problem & answer for each problem tells you what problem to solve next.  Show all work on separate sheet of lined paper. 

    Order of Operations  _____ 4 pts.
Evaluating Expressions _____ 4 pts.
Grade Justin Bieber
Does he solve Pre-Algebra problems like he sings? Hopefully not!  If the answers on his quiz are incorrect show Justin Bieber how to correct his answers.

Teacher Initials: _______ 4 pts
Bingo or Tic-Tac-Toe
Find a dealer and be the first to get Bingo to win a prize! Must show how you solved each problem to get teacher initials.
               Bingo: ______   5 pts
        Tic-Tac-Toe: ______    5 pts
Be the Teacher!
Use Flip Camera, PowerPoint, MovieMaker, or Prezi & rubric to teach your classmates how to use the distributive property, order of operations, or evaluating expressions.   

Teacher Initial: ______    3 pts
 Write the Right Way

Complete worksheet & learn how to speak like a mathematical genius!

     Teacher Initial: ______  3 pts
UDL Survey
Complete the anonymous survey provided about learning Math the UDL/Menu way!


Teacher Initials: _______ 3 pts.
Frayer Model
Expression vs. Coefficient
Complete a Frayer Model vocab. sheet for the following words:
Teacher Initial: ______    3 pts
Laptop Games

 Play all 2!
Battleship Distributive Game
Play at Least 2 Levels 

Distribute and Like Terms Battleship
Play at Least 2 Levels

Teacher Initial  ______    4 pts

Complete worksheet & match answers to tiles. Did you get a pattern? Ask teacher if pattern is correct. Show all work! 

       Worksheet 1: ______   4 pts
       Worksheet 2: ______   4 pts
*Flip Stick Math*

Drop the Flip Stick, see where it lands, and complete corresponding problem number using worksheet. Show work!

Teacher Initial: ______    3 pts
Scavenger Hunt

Beat the clock by finding hidden problems in  hallway.   Find the most problems in 10 minutes to win a prize.

Teacher Initial: _______    2 pts
Khan Academy

Complete Practice Problems and watch video if help is needed.

Distributive Property 1   ____ 3 pts
 Distributive Property 3   ____ 5 pts
 Order of Operations 1     ____ 3 pts
 Order of Operations 2     ____ 4 pts
Evaluate Expressions 2  ____ 4 pts
FACEing Math

Complete problems & discover this week's face! Show all work!

 Easy       _______ 6 pts.
 Easy 2    _______ 6 pts
Medium _______  8 pts
  Hard      _______  8 pts
Read the expressions provided using the correct mathematics vocabulary!
Teacher Initial: ______    3 pts
3D Notebook Foldable
Use premade foldable on Order of Operations and place it in a blue book journal.

    Teacher Initial: ______    4 pts
Math Heads
Use the card provided to play math heads!

Teacher Initial: ______    3 pts
Board Games 

Match the correct word to its definition! 


Teacher Initial: ______    4 pts
  Skill Sheet - Smart Solver

Each sheet is worth 3 points!

Worksheet 1: ______   3 pts
Worksheet 2: ______   3 pts
Worksheet 3: ______   3 pts
Free Choice

Create a choice and get it approved by your teacher.

Teacher Initial: ______    6 pts
Teacher Initial: ______    7 pts
Teacher Initial: ______    8 pts