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Indo-German Workshop on Computational Commutative Algebra at IISER Pune

(as a part of AIS School funded by NBHM and IISER Pune
from December 13 to December 31, 2010

Banquet Dinner :  29th  December, 2010

at Campus II (HR4)

This workshop is aimed at young scholars working in the field of commutative algebra, algebraic geometry and invariant theory, and young students wishing to learn computational algebra. The main theme of the workshop is Groebner bases and its applications. We will be covering basic topics from commutative algebra preparatory to the study of topics like computational commutative algebra, coding theory, convex polytopes, and invariant theory. We will also study the basic applications of the theory of Groebner basis, like solving polynomial equations, integer programming, and coding theory.

The idea is to have two (1.5 hr) lectures along with (at least) 2 hours tutorial every day.
Tutorial may be a combination of lecture cum lab session. The lab sessions involve actual computations / programming. We will be assuming the some theoretical knowledge of commutative algebra. The speakers will be discussing the theory aspects in the said subject, for which the computational implementation can/will be done in the tutorials/practicals.

Organisers: Ravi A. Rao (TIFR), Vinay Wagh (IIT-G), Rabeya Basu (IISER, Pune)

Topics to be covered:

0. Review of Commutative Algebra (Rabeya Basu)
1. Basics of Groebner Basis and Monomial Ideals (Clare D'Cruz)
2. Groebner Fan and Polytopes (K.N. Raghavan)
3. Solving Polynomial Equations and Convex Polytopes (J.K. Verma)
4. Coding Theory (S.R. Ghorpade)
5. Invariant theory (R.A. Rao)  
6. Integer Programming and Combinatorics (Amitava Bhattacharya)
7. Computational Algorithms in Commutative Algebra (Santiago Laplagne)
8. Computational Algorithms in Algebraic Geometry (Abdenacer Makhlouf) 
9. Computational Homological Algebra (Andreas Steenpass)

List of Participants:

List of Speakers:

References / Recommended Books:

Reading Materials for Junior Participants: (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(6)-(7)-(8)


1. All lectures will be held at our new campus.
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) (Campus II),
Near NCL, Innovation Park,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road,
Pune, Maharashtra 411 008, India.
Bus Stop: Panchavati
Phone: 020-6500-2605

2. All computer lab sessions will be held at Sai Trinity Building
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) (Campus I),
First floor, Central Tower, Sai Trinity Building,
Garware Circle, Sutarwadi, Pashan,
Pune, Maharashtra 411021, India.
Bus Stop: Pashan Circle
Phone: 020-2590-8001

Reaching IISER-Pune (Campus II) from Railway Station:

You can take an auto rickshaw from the railway station to Panchavati. It's about 10 kms and costs approximately  Rs. 90/-. The night charges are roughly 1.5 times.Warning : auto rickshaws  tend to  charge twice the price at nights.You can also take ST buses from Pune station to Panchavati (before Pashan Circle bus stop). Take any bus  going to Sutarwadi/Abhinav or 145 going to NDA (from Municipality stand take 110/109). Better ask before  boarding the bus. The bus stand is on the left hand side once you come out of the main railway station.  For people coming from Mumbai can also get down at Shivaji Nagar rail station.

Accommodation Details:

1. Participants    
2. Speakers/Organisers (Indian -- Foreigner)   
3. Tutors

Participants are requested to  report their arrival to the reception with invitation letter and photo identity proof.
Participants are requested to  submit the room key to the security in their absence in the room.  Arrangements for break-fast, lunch and dinner are made at IISER-Pune Campus II for all participants and tutors from evening  December 12, 2010. Please tick at your name in the sheet which will be kept with the caterer any time in a day.

All are cordially invited for lecture sessions.