VT Tarot Cards

VTers and their very-own Tarot Cards 

I have no idea why I did these.  I know nothing about Tarot Cards or any of that stuff.  Still, I figured I had to give it a chance because it had been a while since I posted any fresh material.

One of the funnier cards is Eddie's Drama Queen card 

FrankCanFly as The Flyer

Bernishand as the Shoe Lady.  Possibly one of the cooler backgrounds. 

Anch doesn't show his face on VT very often, but I managed to use one of his pictures for this card.

This looks like such a simple one, but I had a lot of difficulty figuring out what to put here.  I thought it would be cool and more mysterious to use an open book with blank pages, hoping that the viewer would think I was really deep... ~snicker.

Little did I know that Denise is actually quite knowledgeable when it comes to Tarot Cards.  I should have talked to her before I built these so they could be more accurate.  But I really wasn't going for accuracy.

I like this one;  G as the "Man with the Ax".  It was a very simple one.

Jeff is a big Tick fan, so I had no choice but to immortalize him in this ridiculous costume :-)  I also combined two photos from his homepage into the background.

The man in the hat.  Only this time it's a rather colourful hat.

The High Priestess La Beba.  I worked hard on the perspective and shadowing on this one.  Not quite sure I got it.