VT Stamp Collection

You can collect them, but don't lick them 

I never really produced as many of these as I had planned.  I can't remember why I got taken away from building VTers on stamps, so there is only a small collection.

 Let's start with Bernie and her dophin.  I think this was the first one I produced.

 Caffeine_Induced78 graced this stamp.  I had to put a weird background in there to change it a little bit.

Not many people know her, but she's an old friend of mine from back in University. Be sure to drop by and say hello to Clouldwlkr the next time you're on VT.

And what Photoshopping project would be complete without a Daarth image?

Ah yes, the many faces of Eddie.

I'm not sure IngaA was too happy when I revealed her true identity with this project.  She took comfort in knowing that very few people actually look at my homepage, so it's ok. :-)

I was very happy with how Kazander's stamp turned out.

Another of my regular victims - Seabiscuit

And my dear VT friend - Wendy67