VT Modernized Classics

Also known as "Mod-Rens" 

These are remarkably easy to make, provided you can find a good match between the original and the face you are putting on it. 

This Renoir took me forever to do, and I was  never all that happy with the outcome.  You can see a lot of VTers in this painting.  Sadly, some of them  are no longer on VT or don't come around much anymore.

 And then there is ATLC as the Girl with the Pearl Earring

And CDNJane ... From Anthony Van Dyck's "Marareta Snyders c. 1620

And craic.  I was very happy with the way this one turned out.  Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun's Portrait of Young Woman - 1797

And Nathalie31, who I wish would come around the old VT homestead more often... Renoir's Jeanne Samary in a Low Necked Dress.  Not sure of the date.

And another one that turned out much better than I had hoped... Roz.van as Renoir's "Study, Summer" 1868.  You can find the original  by clicking here.

And  one of VT's friendliest faces, Keida84 in another Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun painting, (titled "Self Portrait").  Here's the link to the original.

It's always fun to chop a new face, so I chose clivedinburgh to pose for "The Merry Drinker" by Frans Hals.  With such a clear, large passport picture, I was able to add some details and texture to the face that are otherwise just blurred in lower-rez pictures.

This one turned out very well.  It's funny, but not many classic portraits show a frontal face view.  Orlikins' photo matched perfectly with Hans Holbein's Portrait of Anne of Cleves.

This one had potential, but I was unable to find a Tilman picture with just the right angle.  I like it because it's kind of funny, but it doesn't look all that great.  I really don't need to link to the original, do I? ;-)

This is one that I worked hard on, but wasn't quite happy with the result.  This is kymbanm sitting in for Peter Paul Rubens' The Straw Hat.  This one taught me that when the original painting is unrealistically distorted, I should give up trying to force a real face to fit into it.  I tried distoring kymbanm's face to match the orginal, but that looked terrible.

Another first time subject was Albernfrau.  I selected Albrecht Dürer's Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman.  The lighting was difficult with this one, but the low-rez image I used for Albernfrau's ppp is what I am least happy with.  The sunglasses were a nice touch, though.

Another new face to the chopping block is balfor.  Chris was a good match for Govert Teunisz Flinck's Portrait of Rembrandt.

There's someting about the paintings by Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun that I especially like for these types of images.  I think it's because she paints faces with perfect perspective and proportions.  It's very easy to over-lay a real face onto one of these images, and it makes for a more realistic final result.  Anyway, here's fairy_dust fitting in nicely with Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun "Self Portrait".  (I guess she painted two paintings named "Self Portrait".)

Here's CatherineCG posing in Jacques-Louis David's Portrait of Countess Daru.  I think I prefer this one to the original.

This was a tough one.  Thanks to Sue_Stone for supplying a high-rez image of Bernishand and Camcorderman.  These two are one of my all-time favourite couples on VT.  So what better way to pay tribute to them than to immortalize them in William Bouguereau's Le Ravissement de Psyche. (The Rapture of Psyche)

More to come!