VT Gear

VTers and their love of thongs 

Not so long ago, VT announced that you could buy VT products off a third-party website called Cafe Press.

The introduction of the VT Thong had many people laughing, while others got out their credit cards and started buying them.  So, in May of 2004 I put together a few images of VTers with their newly purchased VT Gear:

This is probably my favourite.  Bernishand and her dolphin picture became Bernie and her thong. 

This one, featuring Marquis, was quick and easy but still makes me chuckle.

Sometimes  the quest for a laugh takes you to places you would rather not go.  Like airbrushing the inside of another guy's thigh.  Here's Matcrazy1 sporting his new thong.

I barely knew her at the time, but Jessicadf's photo was perfect for a VT thong. 

 Craic, unwilling to pose with a thong, sported her new VT-T

 IngaA's original blue fish-monster picture also got in on the thong frenzy.

 FrankCanFly shows off his new thong at the park.  Moments later, he was chased by local police.  

 Daarth got his new thong but wasn't sure how to wear it.