At the Movies

Some of my personal favourites are in here 

 This is a project that is full of potential for lots of laughs.  With so many members and so many movies, there are almost endless possibilities for coming up with good material.  The following images represent at least three separate attempts to build a series of movie posters featuring VTers.  The most recent images are at the bottom of this page.

Here's one of my all-time favourites.

I worked for hours on the detail in this one...(note the finger).  The look on Jen's face really suits this image.  I was quite happy with it.

This is a bit more recent.  It's the "Ray" (Charles) movie poster featuring Jeff.  Not the Seabiscuit poster.  Although I did use the same font as the Seabiscuit movie poster.

 Here's Sue_Stone in the fan-favourite Pub Fiction.

 Daarth and a boat.

Nathalie and Lalkens, immortalized together in a timeless classic.

Mel.  Mel in Braveheart.  Two things that Gillian really loves.  But Gillian thinks she can do a better job than Mel did... so here she is.

Starsky and Hutch?  No, Wolverine and Grantboone

Another of my all-time favourites, the Wizard of Roz

Two hundred and nine.  That's how many JohntheFinn masks it took to build this image.

No one can post a photo of themself with straws up their nose and not expect me to leave it alone!  This seemingly simple image took me a while to finish, and the title didn't really come to me until I had already tried "Frankcanflyenstein", "Frankcanstein", and a few others many different ways.

I really liked this one.  It didn't get many laughs, but I was chuckling the whole time I was doing it.  Matcrazy0, up there on the pole, doesn't look quite right, but that's the way the face looked in the original, so I decided to leave it like that.  The challenging part of this one was figuring out what font to use to match the title and changing the bush-man's skin tone to match Matt's.

The never-released third movie in the Tarantino trilogy.  This one was fairly simple.  The colours/shadows aren't the best, but the real joke with this one is in the title, and not the image.  Bill is someone I've been photoshopping more and more lately, mostly because he has used several good quality pics for his passport photos.

This was a very simple one, and once again the main joke is in the title and not the image.  The text gave me a bit of a fight, but otherwise a straight-forward head-swap was all it took.

I had tried several times to get a "Some Like It Hotsauce" poster done, but I could never get the text right.  I finally found a black-and-white DVD cover that allowed me to produce this image fairly simply.  Although it features Hotsauce as the main focus of the image, Razmatac's picture really made it work for me.