VT Merit Badges

I expected it to be a dud, and I wasn't disappointed

I started this project to see how easy or difficult it would be to create fake merit "badges".  (Similar to Boy-Scout badges).  The idea was far more appealing than the actual work.  I consider myself a patient person, but these damn things were a major pain in the ass.

Every "stitch" on each badge was a separate line that had to be carefully added in just the right place.  Some worked out better than others, but overall I was pretty unhappy with them and gave up before I finished all the badges I planned to make. 

I ended up making two different groups of badges.  The first set were the legitimate badges that would honour a VTer for acheiving a gold star or a top-five ranking.  The second set, however, provided a glimpse into my view of some traits that we all witness on VT.

The Ratings Baby Merit Badge - For those Monday morning moaners that complain their ratings fell, even though they received dozens of positive rankings from trusted friends who assured them they were positive rankings.

The "Friends" Collector Badge - For those seedy guys that add all the female VTers to their friends list.

The Linker Merit Badge - For those people that post every URL they've ever visited into the Miscellaneous forum.  Hey, here's an idea... think of a topic to discuss, and not just a damn link!

The Know-It-All Merit Badge - For those that have (or think they have) the answer to absolutely every problem or topic discussed.

The Multi-Member Merit Badge - For those that create multiple memberships so they can stir shit up on the forums or rate their own pages.

The Mystery Member Merit Badge - For those that do not show their true image on any of their pages.  I don't consider this to be wrong, but I figured it deserved a badge.

The Top Five Merit Badge

The Gold Star Merit Badge (and Silver & Bronze)

The Deal-Maker Merit Badge

The Ratings Baby Merit Badge

The "Friends" Collector Badge

The Linker Merit Badge

The Know-It-All Merit Badge

The Multi-Member Merit Badge

The Mystery Member Merit Badge