VT Album Collection

VTers in the music scene 

 My VT friend Keida84 suggested that this would make a good theme for a photoshop series.  I must admit I thought it would be a very easy one to do, but I was wrong.  I learned that there are millions of album covers out there, but the best ones, and some of the most recognizable ones, are overly artistic and don't have clear pictures of the band-members faces.  So half the work on this series was simply finding good images to use as source pictures.

 So here's the first one:  It's a little ABBA-like band featuring Daarth, Maquis, Haldane, and Keida84.  Trying to get them to match the ABBA members was a bit challenging, but I was pretty happy with the results.

 Marylin Manson's older brother, Martin (also known as PickledOnions)

 The legendary Veetles released just one album... Let VT Be.  Beach_Dog, Littlesam, Bill Dahmer, and Frankcanfly formed one of the most talented bands ever to play at a VT meeting.  Sadly, they broke up when Frank met up with the widowed Yoko Ono during a gig in Baltimore.

 Emioanem, an Eminem cover-band featuring Deus_Ultima.

 Jessicadf outshines the Gloved One with her release of "Badlier".  A series of Michael Jackson covers in which Jessica corrects inappropriate grammer in Michael's songs.

 This one took much longer than it should have.  This is T. Rex morphed with Giampiero to form G. Rex.  Both images were fairly poor quality, and the morphing really shows it.

 Another cover band, The Floors, featured sexy lead singer lumpmeister belting out Jim Morrison's songs.