VT Banner Ads

You never forget your first 

In August 2002, VT launched an all-new java-based format.   It was a rocky transition and a lot of people hated it and complained for months about various issues that bothered them.  But out of the chaos of the re-launch came an odd little feature that caught people off guard.

They were "home-made" VT banner ads.  Advertisements for VT located at the top of every page.  The most controversial (i.e. funniest) of the ads was the "M.I.T. :  Men In Thongs" ad.  It featured two or three guys in thongs, with a little VT-related tagline below it.  (I wish I still had the originals, but they were sadly lost. )

So just for fun, I created this very simple, un-funny mock-VT Banner Ad and posted it on my homepage:

 It got a few laughs, but when I started thinking about it, I figured I could make many more.  So the next one off the production line was this one.  Considering I really didn't know daarth very well at the time, I had to email him to ask if he was offended by it.  He wasn't, so it hit my homepage.

And then, the next day, this one was posted:

Well, it didn't take long for these to get mentioned on the Miscellaneous Forum, and then I was busy creating as many as I could for the handful of people I knew on VT.  Here they are, in the order they were created: