The Bobbles

The Unexpected Phenomena 

I did a couple of prototype Bobble Head Dolls just to see how complex they were.  Creating the standardized base was very difficult, but plasticising the face and making it look right was what makes or breaks the image. 


You'll notice in some of the earlier images that I had no idea how to do a good job on placticizing the faces.  It took me a long long time to realize that part of the problem was the initial image quality.  When I ran a low-res image through the placticization process, I got bad results.  With a higher-res image, I was satisfied.

So click on the links to the right to see the first batch of Bobbles from early 2004, and the second set from early 2006. 


Bobbles - 2004 Series 

Bobbles - 2006 Series