The 80's Look

Not one of the better projects, I'm afraid... 

Just for kicks I decided to alter some member photos to make them look a little retro.  So I put on my "Best of Flock of Seagulls" EP and got to work.

Unfortunately the results are not that impressive.  It was a combination of poor skills, poor clipart images, and not enough patience.   But, I have to show the good with the bad, so here they are:

Let's start with Roz, since I thought this one turned out pretty well. 

ATLC gets a little physical with her Olivia Newton John look

Simone is looking a little Annie Hall with this one. (Although I guess that is a little more 70's... )

This one could have been much better if I just fixed the colour on the face.  But it seems I didn't have a clue back then... Oh, and this is Duanestorey, by the way!

I did an absolutely horrible job on this one.  It's Bwana_Brown looking a little Hasslehoff.

Here's Nathalie sporting a Patty Smyth style hair do.  Other than the terrible job I did with her left eye and the jaw line, this one could have been pretty good.  (And yes, I am always this critical of my own work!)

JuliaK is not someone we see around the forums much, but she was an occassional subject back when I did these.  I thought this one turned out pretty well, with the exception of the hands.  Not only do they look like man hands, but the colour is all wrong.