Separated at Birth

Do some VTers look familiar?  I thought so too 

 This an often asked question on the Miscellaneous forum... What VTers look like famous people?

Well, here are a few I came up with back in 2003.

First of all... Judy Davis and Jen.  (I must confess that Jen mentioned she looked like the actress.)

You're probably wondering "who is Scott Weiland?".  Well, he's the former lead singer for the band Stone Temple Pilots.  Pretty close similarity here, I'd say.

Perhaps not a flattering comparison, but shdw100 is a dead ringer for Meatloaf.  (at least the modern, slimmed down clean-cut meatloaf)

I'm pretty sure she's no longer a VTer, but Rebecca100 was a dead-ringer for Oksana Baiul.

Not exactly a "separated at birth" image, but I figured this was a fun idea.  That's Hayward68, by the way.