One Hit Wonders

Images that were never a part of a project 

Although I prefer to produce images in a series, I occassionally just make stand-alone images for special occassions or just for the hell of it.

Possibly my favourite of any image I've worked on is this one, the VT Home Edition board game.  I actually put a lot of thought and effort into this one.

 This Che spoof was done for Pickled Onions back when he was hanging out on the forums

 This was a custom job for unravelau a while ago.   

 When Johny Rockfish first joined, a few people gave him a hard time for having a passport photo showing him holding up a "poor defenseless fish".  (sheesh).   So, to preserve the peace, I just made it more politically correct.

 I actually thought this was a pretty cool image.  But the overwhelming lack of respsonse leads me to believe others disagreed.

 During a forum that spun out of control, a few people started making their passport photos into Katmosphere.  So, I had to go overboard and morph her with Mona Lisa.  This is possibly the fastest photoshop image I ever made.  The face placement, the hair masking, and all the details were completed in under 7  minutes.

 In yet another forum-gone-haywire, I saw that Larry wished he had a hat like RexVaughan's.  So I gave him one.

Here's one that has never seen the light of day before.  Why?  Because Pieter_jan came up with the same idea and used it as his passport photo for a while.  I didn't want to appear to be copying him so I had no choice but to shelve this one.  Great minds...! :-)

I forgot all about this one... I took an old VT staff photo and put it on the bodies of... well, you know.

 Just a barely funny pop-culture joke. 

I thought Wendy67 might enjoy being zombie-fied.  It 's the ideal way to get guys to stop hitting on you, I suppose.

Following the Verona meeting I sensed that mapakettle was uncomfortable with pictures of himself showing up on the net.  So, I put his mask on for him.  (and gave him a smile)

 And here's another customized passport photo.  I forgot the details around this one, but I think it was that Haldane's cat had to wear a cone, so I gave her a "sympathy cone" to wear.

I must confess that I found this to be absolutely hilarious.  Not so much the image, but the concept that anonymous members would gather at a meeting... and they'd all look like Richiecdisc.  Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me.  This one fell totally flat.  I put them in the water because the big Manhattan Beach party had just wrapped up.

 Just a little messing around.  Again, I thought this was hilarious, but I realized I was the only one laughing.

 Following the theft of "The Scream" painting, I decided to make this image for Jeff.

 Not to try and steal anyone's thunder, but this picture was intended to be a part of a project that Frank and I were going to launch called "VT Enquirer" back in 2003.  But laziness allowed a certain someone to start it before Frank and I did.  But I am not bitter, Claes did a great job of it.

Another not-so-successful attempt.  I was trying to combine every passport photo dumpymotel ever used into one image.  But I gave up.

During the invisibles feature, I created this image from a movie and asked VTers to guess which movie it was.  No one ever got it.  Any guesses?  (Man, this was a bad chop)

 And quite possibly the least-funny of all the images I've done for VT.... I put Larry's face on Roger Ebert.  It's not funny because... well, it just looks like Larry in a suit.  Totally missed the mark on this one.