Non VT Images

A Rare Glimpse Outside the Walls of VT 

Although 90% of the photoshopped images I work on are somehow related to VT, I figured I should share some of the other images I've done for other websites and for personal entertainment. 

Most of the oldest images are long-since deleted or rest in the digital graveyard of hard-drive heaven.   But here are a few that have survived...

Album Covers:

A few times each year some co-workers and I compete to create a CD with a common theme.  For instance; a Driving CD, a "Guilty Pleasures" CD, One-Hit Wonders... etc.  Here's some that are fit for public view...

The Driving CD... (back and front covers) 2002 

The Gulty Pleasures CD ... Front cover only, I don't want to show the track-list ;-)

Other websites.

That's right.  As hard as it is to believe, there are other websites that I enjoy visiting that are not directly related to VT.  One is  I haven't joined them as they have a membership fee, but I have done a few photoshop images and given them to another person that did pay the membership fee to submit.  Here's a lame one I put together a few years ago.  The competition was to photoshop a golfer in any way I wanted.  So, I came up with this.  I think it finished in 8th place out of 93 entries.  I figured most everyone else would photoshop the guy getting kicked in the nuts... and I wasn't wrong.  (Although there are always some brilliant entries on that site.)

Another site I visit daily is the big-leagues of online competitive photoshopping...

I am a nobody there.  A small fish in a very big pond of highly talented choppers.  But from them I get many of my ideas and use them to get cheap laughs on VT.  This image is my highest placing image, (bronze).   The competition called for entries to take any ordinary image and make it "rock".

Another website I have made photoshop submissions to is a Canadian political comedy show called the "Rick Mercer Report".  They don't seem to like my images, as they have not considered any of them worthy to post on the website.  That's a bit of a downer, considering they have some pretty poor submissions.  I'm not just being bitter, some are pretty bad.  (But, as I always say, the comedy is more important than the quality - so I will keep trying.)

Here's my favourite of all the entries I've sent in, featuring Canada's new Prime Minister as a puppet with the leader of the Socialist opposition party pulling his strings behind him.  Far too political for VT, but it is a great fit with the show... (the original is posted below it).  I liked this one so much, I was considering doing a VT Puppet project.

 The original.  Oh well.  I guess humour is subjective :-|  

If I could do it again, I would have extended his neck and done something with the eyebrows.


That's it for now.  I will probably add some more as I dig them up.