Invisible VTers

Now you see 'em, Now you don't 

 They're crude, their poorly done, but they were one of my earlier projects so I'll always have a soft-spot in my heart for them.

I really worked hard on this one.  It's daarth's old passport photo.

 This one, featuring Matcrazy1 was so hard I almost abandoned the entire project (I do that a lot).  The inside of the pant-legs didn't turn out well at all.  If I was to do it today I would make it look a lot better.  But for the sake of nostalgia, I will leave it like this.

 Again, the textures killed me.  I cringe when I look at this one today because I didn't do a good job on it at all.  This one was pretty ambitious because the little kid's legs went behind G's head.  Recognize the old Giampiero picture?

 This one, on the other hand, was not so difficult.  It's craic's original passport photo.

 Another not-so-complicated image featuring VT's own Beret

 Dave won't be casting too many shadows... It's Shdw100.  He used to be on the forums all the time.

 And who can forget Todd64?  Another person that is still active on VT but doesn't come around the forums much anymore.