Headline News

VTers making headlines 

 This was a surprisingly difficult photoshopping project.  It was complicated for several reasons:

Firstly, you need a good joke.  Something that your average VTer will "get".

Then, you need to find some good source images.

Then you need to mess around with the lettering and TV-effects.

When you combine these elements it can make it a long process to plan and execute these images.  (That's a very long excuse for not making very many of them)

Here's the first one, featuring Yubert at his best.

 A slightly less amusing, but no less difficult image featuring Frankcanfly. 

 I'm not sure why, but I actually found this one to be the funniest of the lot.  Just the "No Wombat" sign made it work for me.  This building is the community centre in Jen's (craic) hometown.

 And that's it.  Just three little images.