VT Collector Cards

They're all here, even the rookie cards! 

I used to make an effort to encourage VTers to show a real photo of themselves on their passport photos.  I'm not sure why I cared, but everyone needs a worthless cause to champion.  So I developed these collector cards as a way to recognize people that have used good images to show everyone what they really look like.

I never expected these cards to be as popular as they were, but were pretty happy with they way they turned out.

Here's the 2004 series featuring:

Bernishand, Caffeine_Induced, CDNJane, Littlesam1, Nathalie31, Maquis, Hayward68, Sim1, Black_I_Purl, Daarth, Marcoparco, Seabiscuit, Frankcanfly, Giampiero, Roz.van, liesteph, and me.  So basically it was a sampling of my friends list at the time.


 And here is the 2005 Collector Card series:  I made more of an effort to include people that were not necessarily on my friends list... but then I included mostly people on my friends list.

This set included alza, grets, haldane, LoriPori, Sue_stone, Bwana_Brown, Waalewiener, Claes_Andersen, Wendy67, ddevito, speers, Travelgirl3, Jenniflower, Geoff_Wright, Kiwi, Rachel_Sun, Vivalasteph, Carmela71, Beach_Dog, Mapapkettle, Kazander, Keida84, emilienoelle, Nathalie_B, Deus_Ultima, Matcrazy1, Lyndahall, grantboone, and Rexvaughan.

 The 2006 Collector Card series will be launched in the next month or too, so stay tuned.