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Last update.... November 10, 2006


Hi and welcome to my off-VT site.    Here you will find almost all of the VT-related photoshop images that have been created over the years and appeared on my VT Homepage.  As an added bonus, you will also see images that never appeared on VT.  

For those that don't know me, I'm that guy from VT that always messes with photographs to solicit cheap laughs.  On the right you'll find links to pretty much every category of photoshopping projects I've ever created while a VTer.

I have recently learned that this site gets a decent amount of non-VT related traffic.   For those that don't know what VT is...  It isn't Vermont, and it sure isn't Velvet Touch. 

It's Virtual  An online travel community that provides tips and discussions by non-biased tourists and travelers from all over the world.  Check it out; you'll be glad you did!



November 10, 2006

Ever since I realized I was addicted to VT, I told myself (and anyone else that would listen), that when the day came that I stopped having fun on VT, I would quietly walk away.  The fun has waned for me and I have lost the energy to try to keep VT entertaining.  So I decided to carry out my old declaration and simply walk away:  no forum posting, no public announcement, just a few emails and a farewell message on my homepage.

I left a month ago, and have since spent my VT-hours on work, (more) home renovations, and a wider variety of online pursuits.  

It is my sincere hope that everyone that remains on VT continues to enjoy it as much as I did for 7 years.  Take care!


September 8, 2006

 Looks like my counter has been messed up.  For some reason the counter got changed to a link to some online pharmaseutical company.  I have removed it, as I don't want anyone to get sent to some sleazy website from a company that would do something like that.  The last time I looked, the counter was at 959 visits.  Thank to those that came in to have a look!  I won't bother putting another counter on this page.

August 9, 2006 

Been a while since I did an update here!  Summer has been busier than I expected.  Nevertheless, I have done some new Modern Classics and added them in with the earlier batch. 

May 12, 2006

Finally finished uploading all of the 2006 Series Bobble Heads.  These big images take forever, but I finally have them all posted.

May 11, 2006

Added the Drawing Board page to showcase some current projects that are not ready for my VT homepage, but might give you a laugh.  Sort of a sneek peek.

May 3, 2006 

Added a new page called Non VT Images  to give visitors a peek at some of the non-VT photoshop images I've wasted so many hours on.

April 30th, 2006

Finally added an external page counter.  I usually hate these things, but sometimes it's nice to know what kind of traffic this site is getting.

April 15th, 2006

Hey, this is kind of neat... My humble little webpage has been selected as one of the top Google pages by the "Google Pages Guide" administrator.  Click the image below to view the other selections.  Some of them are pretty amazing, considering that the feature-set for building these pages is pretty limited so far.   

Kind of freaky to think that non VTers might be looking at these pages and thinking... WTF is VT??

April 12th, 2006

Thanks to a suggestion by Gillian, I have added a guestbook at the bottom of this page.  Please take a moment to let me know that you were here.   Without a counter, I have no idea if anyone is even looking at this site.  

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Drawing Board


Non VT Images

Many more to come!