I am a pediatrician and an artist.  Enough of that.
Why rabbitpenny?
Productivity and efficiency.
Rabbits are very productive.  Granted their productivity comes in the form of pellets and more rabbits.
Pennies are a symbol of economy, of thrift.  Extrapolated, it pertains to all forms of efficiency and economy of time, effort, resources.
For me, the combination of productivity and efficiency is a definition of quality.  As Robert Pirsig would say, quality is difficult to measure, but it can still be a goal.  To paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart from another matter, I know quality when I see it.
One Bunny in a Hollow Tree
Unlike pediatrics, a very collaborative field, much of art and writing is a solo pursuit.  So, many who produce original creative work can feel an attraction to George Constanza's "fort" under his desk.  Now, I climb into my hollow tree fort and try to produce quality.