Rebeca's Blood
(In search of a Publisher)
Though written at gradeschool level, the book has gotten universal compliments across all age groups.
RB is a fully illustrated adventure book about a group of red blood cells.  The group functions as a family unit.  Since they all come from the same stem cell, this "family" functions from a base of experience.  With one exception, the characters have been given gender neutral but common names.
This adventure of microscopic proportions is made more exciting and the horizons broadened with the process of extravasation.  This "skill" of leaving the blood vessels to go into other tissue areas is performed (in real life) by white blood cells all the time.  In RB the skill has been taught to the red blood cells by Whitney the white blood cell.  What seems like a difficult process to grasp for young ones, is handled easily with illustrations.
The book begins with members of the group picking up Addison, a young red blood, cell from the nursery, the bone marrow.
Characters grow in depth as the book proceeds and incredible events unfold. 
Samples of Art
Addison meets his family.
 The blood cell family rockets through the aortic valve.

The family brings Addison to the movies, the eyes.

The family confers with Angela the Brain with her library
of thoughts in her "Seat of the Imagination".
Media: 3D Computer Art
Length: Flexible
Layout: Eminently Alterable