Controversial Rabbi Jesus paintings to be displayed at church

 Associated Press/Chicago Tribune 

 Published June 9, 2007 

Rabbi Jesus art on display

Courier LIfe

February 2, 2012

Local artist on a mission with second 'Rabbi Jesus' series

Art Economist Art News from a financial perspective

October 22, 2011 

Wisconsin Public Radio Interview

By John Gaddo

April 15, 2010

Presentación del Libro de Clara María Pasos de Goldstein

Por Lindelena Barquero-Salazar/Diario Las Americas 

Enero 2, 2010 

Entrevista de Television Canal 19, Miami
Diciembre 19, 2009

“Aspectos del Judaísmo de Jesús”

Por Emiliano Chamorro/La Prensa Nicaraguense 

November 29, 2009

Jesus as Jew art to get exhibition

Newsweek from the web 

March 28, 2009

Rabbi Jesus paintings to be shown again this weekend

By Joe Orso/ La Crosse Tribune

March 28, 2009

Jesus as Jew art to get exhibition

New York Daily News

March 20, 2009

Jesus art in book form

The Lutheran Magazine

January 12, 2009

Rabino Jesús en el arte de Clara María

Por Emiliano Chamorro/La Prensa Nicaragüense

Enero 9, 2009

Understanding our World Today

Newsweek 2007

Update: Art has happy ending

The Lutheran Magazine

October 2007 issue

Paintings of Jesus as Jew come full circle

By Randy Erickson/Onalaska Community Life

October 11, 2007

Church Displays 'Controversial' Paintings of Jesus as a Jew

By Kevin Jackson/ Christian Post Reporter

June 12, 2007 

Controversial Rabbi Jesus paintings to be displayed at church

 Associated Press/Chicago Tribune 

 Published June 9, 2007 

Controversial Rabbi Jesus paintings get an exhibition

By Terry Rindfleisch/La Crosse Tribune, Wis.

April 17, 2007

Artist: Controversial art fosters understanding

By Terry Rindfleisch /La Crosse Tribune

December 16, 2006

'Rabbi Jesus' controversial?

The Lutheran Magazine 

November 2006 issue 

Jesus disturbs the peace. Century marks. Clara Maria Goldstein paintings

The Christian Century

October 3, 2006

Wis. hospital nixes paintings portraying Jesus as Jewish 

By Melanie Evans/Modern Healthcare Magazine 

September 18, 2006

Another view of Jesus: Artist argues Rabbi Jesus’ paintings appropriate

By Terry Rindfleisch/ La Crosse Tribune

September 6, 2006

Artist told to remove Rabbi Jesus paintings

By Terry Rindfleisch/La Crosse Tribune

Associated Press/ Chicago Tribune

September 05, 2006

Rabbi Jesus' painting conveys story of acceptance

by Joe Orso/La Crosse Tribune

April 22, 2006

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