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 Artist Clara María Goldstein

Paintings from Rabbi Jesus, "Love G-d" Series 2017

Rabbi Jesus

Painting from Rabbi Jesus for Easter Series 2014

Painting from Rabbi Jesus for Nostra Aetate Series 2011

 Paintings from Rabbi Jesus Art Museum Series 2006

"To remind Christians - as well as the world - that Jesus was a Jew is to bring about greater understanding and even love between our faiths, and for accomplishing this holy task the author is to be highly commended."                      Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Yeshiva University, New York.  

"...we can applaud Goldstein’s reading of Jesus as a Jew for that is exactly what he was."
Lawrence S. Cunningham, Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame. 

"...Her stunning paintings gave our parish a new appreciation of the Jewish Jesus whose birth we were preparing to celebrate. A picture can speak a thousand words, Clara's evocative paintings are worth a month of sermons."
Father Mike Tegeder, Church of St. Edward, Bloomington, MN. 

Art statement: My subject is Rabbi Jesus. I portray Jesus as a Jew. My paintings depict the life of Jesus as written in the New Testament. By painting Jesus wearing a kipot, I am hoping to produce images that would reinforce the fact that he was Jewish to counteract potential anti-Semitic feelings that might come up from reading about the Jews in the New Testament. This theme is important to me because I feel compelled to promote harmony between Christians and Jews. The size of my paintings is usually small in order to keep a feeling of intimacy, usually a 24 by 30 inches scale. I paint oils on canvas.