Biographical Info

    Abbahu is second generation Palestinian amora. R. Johanan is known to be one of Abbahu's mentors who used to refer to him as "Abbahu my son." He was also taught by Resh Lakish, Eleszar b. Pedat. He lived in Caesarea, then it was the center of Roman rule and Palestinian Christrianity. Abbahu was an extremely important Halakhic figure. His aggadic sayings had a major influence on ethics, philosofy and religion. Abbaahu is presented in rabbinic litature, such as mathematics, rhetoric and Greek. He taught all of this to his daughters. Tradition also infroms us that he had good looks and phyisical strength, as well as great wealth. It has been reported that the Romans showed favor to his generationfo his sake. Possibly a token of respect and great esteem. His access to government circles gave him a high possion among his colleages. 

All Biographical information came from: (Encyclopidia Jewdaica, ABBAHU, 228)